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If you are struggling with a serious addiction, you will probably require intensive inpatient treatment at a drug rehab canter. Severe addiction requires a comprehensive treatment program so that an addict can overcome their addiction and achieve long-lasting sobriety. Our drug rehab centers near College Station provide the necessary programs to treat your addiction and the underlying factors that may tempt you to use drugs or alcohol. We provide a safe and serene environment where you can begin your addiction recovery process and learn how to remain sober.

We have a great staff of medical professionals at our drug treatment centers that care for our patients with compassion, dignity and respect. We realize that this is a difficult transition for you, and you may be feeling apprehensive and vulnerable. You will find that the staff at our drug treatment centers will support your recovery, and they will assist you through every phase of the recovery process. You will be in the perfect environment for your healing and transition to take place.

If you also struggle with a mental health disorder, that issue will also be treated along with your inpatient addiction treatment. For sobriety to be a long-lasting achievement, all areas of your health must be addressed simultaneously. Patients who have experienced multiple relapses are also recommended for an inpatient treatment program. Recovery is a process that requires time to make the necessary changes in your thought and behavior patterns, and also to bring other health concerns into balance. Our drug rehab centers offer you our knowledge and resources to overcome addiction and begin to live a sober and fruitful life.

Treatment Programs

Our drug rehab centers near College Station provide evidence-based treatment programs that address many facet of the patient's life. We have a holistic approach to healing that focuses on difficult issues that a patient may be facing, and that may be contributing to their drug abuse as a method of coping. Our treatment programs deal with the patient's psychological, behavioral and social problems that are associated with his addiction. All of our drug treatment centers provide around-the-clock intensive care within a structured framework. When you enter our drug rehab center you will be clinically evaluated by our medical team, and a treatment plan will be devised specifically for you based on your needs and challenges. Some of the drug addiction treatment programs we offer are:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Pharmaceutical treatment
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment
  • Alternative therapies
  • Pain management
  • Continuous aftercare program

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Our drug treatment centers offer an array of drug detox procedures based upon specific factors of your addiction:

  1. Our medical detox is dependent on what type of drugs you were using, and our medical specialists will determine if medication assisted detox is appropriate for you.
  2. A medicated detox is when non-addictive medications are used to assuage withdrawal symptoms.
  3. An inpatient detox monitors the patient 24/7and medications may be administered if necessary.
  4. An outpatient detox is suitable for an individual with a less serious addiction problem, who will receive treatment at our drug rehab centers and return home in the evenings.

The safety of the patient is always our first priority during a detox procedure. Our addiction specialists will determine what type of detox process is suitable to your situation, and you will be kept as comfortable as possible during the symptomatic withdrawal phase. Symptoms of withdrawal will very depending on the type of drugs the patient was using; with some substances expressing more physical symptoms and others expressing more psychological ones.

The greatest achievement you will ever have in your life is gaining the victory over your drug addiction. Our dedicated staff of professionals will equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need to remain sober and manage your life. We want you to leave our drug rehab centers feeling confident and empowered. You can be victorious over your addiction, and have a brand-new beginning in life. It is up to you to create a better and healthier version of yourself and your life. And we will help you do it.

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